Response to Disaster: Morocco and Libya


As the devastating impact of the earthquake in Morocco and the flood in Libya unfold and disaster response develops, Assemblies of God World Missions (AGWM) staff and partnerships with Convoy of Hope are providing the necessary aid and restoration to bring hope to these nations in mourning.

The Morocco response has entered the rebuilding stage as AGWM teams in Marrakech and Agadir continue to partner with organizations to support Moroccans who are left emotionally and spiritually destitute.

The disruption caused by the earthquake is anticipated to have a lasting effect on Morocco, impacting the environment, architecture, and people. Many families in the mountainous regions of Morocco live in two story homes with livestock on the first floor and the family’s dwelling on the second floor. Although the families were able to escape during the earthquake, their collapsed dwellings crushed their herds and work animals. Efforts to rebuild their herds are complicated. They need their work animals to restore and plant their fields. Pray for AGWM teams as they asses the residual effects of the earthquake. Through plans and programs, they will continue to have access to villages that were otherwise closed. AGWM is confident that God’s praise will ring through the mountain villages.

The Libya response continues to prove the power of partnership. Relief convoys became possible through a network of Egyptian relief organizations, Egyptian Churches, and Libyans living in Cairo. Through these relationships, God has given AGWM access to meet the needs of vulnerable populations effected by the flood. Recently, an AGWM launch team in Cairo received the first installment of funds to support efforts in sending medical supplies to Derna. As launch team members aided in these efforts, they were able to collaborate with God’s people and witness to God’s concern for His creation.

In Libya, God is glorified as AGWM’s partners received supplies and funds to respond to the devastation. AGWM’s partnership teams have acquired the necessary permissions to engage in crisis response openly. AGWM’s partners have focused on assisting relocated families. Currently AGWM’s partnership with a local school provided blankets, mattresses, toys, and trauma-informed social workers to over 300 children ages 10 and under who lost their parents in the flood.

The next phase of response is centered on helping displaced families find homes to rent, supporting them as they begin to rebuild their lives. AGWM’s partners are also working closely with the Libyan Red Crescent to place orphaned children within the displaced families. With God’s provision, AGWM aims to support 20 families in the months to come.

AGWM is thankful for prayers for Libya and Morocco as crisis relief efforts unfold. AGWM trusts that relationships forged in this crisis will bear good fruit for His name. AGWM prays for the ability to see past devastation, to peer into a future where the ruins have been rebuilt and to bring the hope of that future into the present.

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