Learners Initiatives

Telling His Story to Unreached Oral Learners

We have been reaching out to oral learners for more than 30 years, using various innovative means to spread the Gospel and make disciples. Over 100 million people across five continents have been introducted to the Gospel or discipled through our efforts and partnerships.

One-third of the world cannot read the language they speak. Another third of the world chooses to learn through non-written methods. Together, two-thirds of the world, 4 billion people are oral learners.

We are the story tellers.

Perhaps the single largest unreached people group on the planet is the illiterate or functionally illiterate. By some estimates, over half of the world’s population falls into this group.

These are people who primarily live in rural settings among oral societies. Most have a limited education which allows them to cope within their communities. However, their reading skills are so minimal they cannot read and comprehend a book or, most importantly, the Bible. It is essential to proclaim the gospel to those who must hear to believe.

It is to those who have never heard that we, the missionaries of the Oral Learners Initiatives, dedicate our lives and ministry.

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