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"To help people like a doctor and to be the most effective, you've got to know how they feel and what they're going through." The better part of 15 years training has been spent going through everything Heaven's needed to help those without hope without love, without a father, and a best friend to be there and be their best friend throughout every facet of life! Heaven said, "You've got 2 jobs dude. Bring love to every single person on this planet you come in contact with, and get me in the room!" And with that heart set in mind, he's asked to go into the 2nd most miserable country on the planet, into the most Godless city in the country, Brighton & Hove, so the darkest of the dark. However the darker it is, the easier for it is for light to shine in the darkness! So without question we go! Every bit you do to help goes to help those who hate life and would love to commit suicide. But thanks to Heaven using all of us together, we'll change the direction from wanting to commit suicide, to loving life and wanting to own it! And from wanting to own it, to giving it to the best friend anyone could ever have! Thanks to you helping they can roll 4 deep with the father, the son, and the Holy Spirit! And become a part of the biggest family on planet earth! So thank you, for everything your contributing to this mission this hope this love! Together we'll deal hope to the hopeless!

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