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Dear friends of missions,


Have you ever had an idea that takes a hold of the deepest part of you? A pivotal moment that ends up shaping your life? My name is Alexandra Bishop and I'm an appointed missionary to Colombia out of the New Jersey district. When I was six years old God planted the dream of becoming a missionary inside of me. That dream is what drove me to first serve as an MA to the Deaf in Nicaragua from 2016-2018. I’m now an appointed AGWM missionary to Colombia where I work with the Deaf.

I am seeking opportunities to be able to share about missions in Colombia. I have about 80% of my budget raised and I am hoping to be to the field by the end of July 2024 I would be honored for any opportunities you might have for me to share about this unique ministry!  


What is the Deaf need?

It is estimated that less than 2% of the Deaf have a relationship with Jesus Christ. There are approximately 36,000,000 deaf people in Latin America as a whole. Making the Deaf one of the largest unreached people groups in Latin America. The deaf children I worked with as an MA were some of the most expressive and wonderful people I have ever met. They know how to speak with their whole beings! It filled me with joy to teach and share Jesus with them. 

In Colombia deaf children often struggle to find opportunities to receive a quality education. Most of the time they have little to no communication with their families. They easily become targets of sexual, emotional and physical abuse. They often grow up without forming deep relationships with others.

The rejection and isolation they have experienced growing up leaves lasting scars. Only Jesus can heal the hurts they carry, but at the same time it is hard for the Deaf to learn about who Jesus is. They cannot just walk into a traditional church and learn. They do not overhear someone talking about Jesus on the TV or radio. They need Jesus explained to them in sign language.

To reach the Deaf there is an added layer of learning sign language. Many have suffered a lot of broken trust in their lives and building a bridge across that chasm takes time.  

My heart is to work with church planting and education among the Deaf. In the hopes that there will be many churches springing up for the Deaf that grow into independent bodies of Christ. I would like to work towards equipping future pastors and ministry leaders in Colombia to work with the Deaf. 


About me:

I was raised in an AG church in Washington NJ. In this church my faith was formed. I cannot even begin to tell you the impact all the youth programs like Missionettes, VBS, youth convention, Fine Arts, and countless others have had on my life. Likewise, my parents were always active serving in our church through Sunday School, nursery, worship team, ect... They showed me what it is to serve God and how important it is to take ownership of your faith.  I have been blessed by the faithful work of those who made themselves an example of godliness to me throughout the years. This is why I am so humbled and excited to be able to partner with many of you in Colombia. I am so thankful to be the hands and feet in Colombia for those who cannot go themselves. Thank you for your faithful service to the mission of the church here in the USA and abroad! 





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