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We are SO privileged to serve the people of Latin America and the Dutch Caribbean because of financial and prayer partners like YOU! With sixteen years of outreach to children & youth, victims of human trafficking, teen challenge Aruba, and Bible School in Dutch, English, Spanish, and Papiamento, God has given us a wealth of experience. We have focused since 2013 on preparing the top leaders in Latin America through intensive group seminars, personal mentoring, Christian writer's training, and missionary multiplication. We believe God will use our ministry to raise up hundreds of Latin American Bible Educators, Church Planters, and Pastors to FILL THE EMPTY SHOES being left by over 200 LAC missionaries retiring in the next ten years.

Yes, the four kids in the picture are all ours! Wes joined our family through adoption in Suriname thirteen years ago, and Paula, Mariana, and Manny in Colombia three years ago. We all filled the empty shoes that were needed in each other's families!

An Empty Shoes story: "Daniel" believed with all his heart that God did not exist. His entire life had been in an Atheist household. At 19 years of age Daniel found a small new testament hidden in a closet. Furious at his family, he stormed out to the street, looking for a fire to burn the book. As he walked, curiosity overcome his frustration, and Daniel began to read the book he had been told was full of lies. Sleep disappeared that night as he contemplated the stories of Jesus. Four sleepless nights later, he plodded down the streets of a major Latin American city and heard Christian music playing from a local church. Walking in as the sun set, Daniel listened to the music, focused on the sermon, and eagerly gave his heart to God at the end of the service. Today, Daniel is ONE of 680 Bible teachers David is training to fill empty shoes.

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Thank you for taking the time to visit our site! As you close this page, lift us up in prayer because God answers!

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