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Ron and Donna Mueller grew up in California and responded to God’s call to missions during their home church’s missions convention.  They served for 1 year in Namibia, Africa and it was there that God began drawing them towards the people of Angola. Ron is an Ordained minister with the Assemblies of God and Donna is a Registered Nurse. They responded to God's call to go to Angola and after studying Portuguese they arrived in Angola in 2002. They have enjoyed traveling together with their 2 daughters and ministering as a family these past 16 years.  They have seen an incredible hunger for God's Word throughout the country after 27 years of civil war and have had many opportunities to minister God’s Word through; the Book of Hope to many schools, police, hospitals, and children’s evangelistic outreaches,  Evangelistic Film Crusades with local churches where many have responded for salvation, extension bible training courses to leaders throughout Angola, Tabernacle Evangelism where they have constructed 25 church structures.

 Current Ministry:

Training:  The Muellers continue to respond to the need for extension Bible training using Roots of Faith in Portuguese throughout Angola. (twice the size of Texas)  There is such a hunger to study God’s Word that as soon as the 1 year Bible training course is completed there is a waiting list of students ready to start the next 1 year program. Currently, there are over 3,000 pastors and leaders receiving Roots of Faith training in all of Angola’s 18 provinces.

 Tabernacles: They were able to put up 11 tabernacles  2010-2015 and continue receiving requests from Pastors of their need for a Tabernacle. They returned to see the completion of the  tabernacle churches after they have been closed in with cement walls, windows and doors. It is very exciting and rewarding to see the fruit of those who have invested in The Lord’s church in Angola. Due to the changes in importations fees into the country, they are now  asssting existing congregations throughout the country who have already taken the iniative to build the walls of their church building and are just lacking the last step of the roof. Ron and Donna are able to direct the donations received for buildings to purchase materials produced locally in Angola to close in these churches. 

  Unreached Peoples:  The Muellers continue partnering with and assisting the national church in reaching out to the unreached peoples of Angola. They partner through the ministries of tabernacles, wells for access to clean drinking water and continued Biblical training among the poorly evangelized areas of the southern region.  A recent door has opened to begin the Roots of Faith Bible training among the Kwangali and Himba people of southern Angola and northeast Namibia.

 Future plans  Sensing the urgency of reaching out  among the least reached people groups in Angola who reside mostly in the southern region, the Muellers have secured a piece of land closer to this  southern region of the country.  This new location will serve as a center for ministry in this next term 2017-2021 and by being in this more strategic location it will facilitate travel and work in partnering with the Angolan pastors and their local churches to reach out and take  the Gospel of Jesus Christ to  these people groups.

The next phase of this plan, when funds are available, is to construct some small living quarters to serve as a ministry base for travel and ministry in the  southen part of the country, which is 600 miles from the capital and takes 16 hours to travel. 




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